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For foreign clients

Short information for foreign customers.

Yes, we ship worldwide. You can choose International Priority Mail (no tracking to USA, 2-3 weeks to countries outside EU) for 18,30 PLN or Global Express (full tracking worldwide, fastest way to get your package) for 41,00 PLN


Yes, we accept paypal,

No, there is no english version of shop, sorry. Problably will be, but we don't know exactly when. We tried to describe our products so easily that google translator should help. If no - just send us an e-mail (, we will help :)

So, if you are interested in our products just let us know by e-mail.


Also, You can find us on Etsy: on Etsy


We already shipped to (click to see map):


We are looking for resellers - good prices guaranteed

We cooperate with:

- Brisa Ltd in Finland


- Manfred Hiller in Germany

- Mix Knives in Sweden

- Casstrom AB in Sweden